Monday, December 03, 2007

=[ ???? =]

I walk along
this no-name streets
with this feeling of emptyness...

Sometimes I want
someone by my side
but there's no one around...


raquel/rakel/rachel/ray xP said...

i'm here =)
you can walk at that no-name streets feeling emptyness but you know that we here with you forever and ever =)
miga t'adolo deverasmenteee


me de novo said...

*along [em vez de at lol]

Ju said...

You already know that I'll always be around.
I understand that you're talking about someone else; someone who is just more than a friend...
But you can't be always looking for that someone... he will come to you and you'll know he's the one!!! We can't force things to happen.

So while that special someone is climbing up the tree to reach you (remember my comment in your hi5??), you need to have fun and live your life... And I'll always be right here for you ^^

Love youu <3